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Soros is Funding the Migrant Wave

We know that George Soros (and his henchmen) are behind a lot of questionable political activities worldwide. He funds revolutions, installation and deposing of world leaders, invests in mercenary armies. He became famous for funding the Ferguson Uprising through his “employees” that were not being paid for their “services” His specialty is “Divide and Conquer”, “Destabilize and Profit”. You could say he is the “tool” for the Bilderbergers or whoever runs them. So why should he not be the one behind the migrant wave which is overrunning Europe and destabilizing it? Here is a link that proves the point:

Sky Finds ‘Handbook’ For EU-Bound Migrants

Introduction — Oct 30, 2015

George Soros

Given that George Soros has just announced that the EU should accept “at least” a million migrants per annum its fair to say that he wants to encourage migration to Europe.
That being the case it’s worth asking if he’s not actually funding the non-governmental organisations that are helping migrants find their way to Europe: with handbooks, maps and websites. This obviously takes money and Soros is renowned as a “philanthropist” after all.
As it happens one of Soros’s non-profit organisations is indeed behind the Open Society initiative, which seeks to encourage migration from Third World countries to Europe.
However, George Soros motive for this may not be as altruistic as it seems. As Syrian Girl explains to Paul Joseph Watson, one of the effects of the massive influx of cheap labour will be to drive down wages, especially at the more menial end of the job market.
As Syrian Girl also explained here, another reason for the creation of the crisis had been to pave the way for direct Western military intervention in Syria. The subsequent Russian intervention has changed that part of the equation and prevented direct Western military involvement, at least for now.
However, we shouldn’t be under any illusion about the refugee/migrant crisis. It has been created, like so many other previous problems, to open the way for a “solution” that benefits the global elite. The migrants or ordinary European will not benefit in any way whatsoever.
No. The real beneficiaries will be people like Soros who will reap rich rewards in terms of lower wages for menial work and more workers willing to accept lower pay. For Soros and his kind it’s a win-win situation.
The people who will pay will be ordinary European workers, especially the more menial, and the migrants themselves; who if they manage to establish themselves in Europe will either end up on welfare or, if they are lucky, in poorly paid menial work.
So in effect the migrant crisis will make the rich richer and the poor even poorer. Like we said, it’s a win-win situation for Soros and his kind. Ed.

Sky Finds ‘Handbook’ For EU-Bound Migrants

By Jonathan Samuels, Sky News Correspondent, Lesbos, Greece — Sept 13, 2015

Maps and guides for migrants to Europe

Refugees arriving in Greece on people smugglers’ boats are given a ‘migrants handbook’ packed with tips, maps, phone numbers and advice about getting across Europe.

Among discarded life jackets and punctured rubber dinghies, Sky News discovered a tattered copy of the unique travel guide washed up on a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos.

The booklet’s cover features a photograph of a young man on a beach at sunset, looking longingly out to sea, with oars at his feet after making the treacherous crossing.

The ‘rough guide’ is written in Arabic and contains phone numbers of organisations which might help refugees making the journey, such as the Red Cross and UNHCR.

Among those behind the booklet are organisations called WatchTheMed-Alarmphone and w2eu, which means ‘Welcome To Europe’.

Sonia, who did not want to give her surname, is a volunteer with WatchTheMed and told Sky News: “Activists from our network distribute the guides for free in Turkey”.

The guide is distributed to refugees as they come ashore on the Aegean Islands and in Athens and other Greek cities.

She added that other leaflets about safety at sea were distributed to would be migrants before they set out on their journeys with advice on what to do if they get into trouble on the water.

Guide for EU bound migrants

The guide Sky News found also contained a 24-hour hotline number for migrants to call so volunteers can then pass their details to the relevant coastguard.

“We take information about how many people are in the boats if they get into trouble” she said.

“It’s a life-saving service we give to refugees. They are going to go anyway, so it’s better if we give them advice.”

Arabic speaker Sonia takes calls from her home in Austria and is one of a number of volunteers for WatchTheMed.

“We are a big group of about 100 people” she said. “We are based across Europe and North Africa.”

The pocket-sized guide has a handy map of Europe detailing the areas boats tend to land in.

Marked in red are what it describes as “detention/reception/screening sites”.

On the back page are photographs of sun-drenched Greek islands, the main port on Lesbos, Mitilini, and a smiling man alongside the caption: “When I arrived at the shores of Mitilini I came to understand that I am no child anymore.”

W2eu’s website says “We welcome all travellers on their difficult trip and wish you all a good journey – because freedom of movement is everybody’s right!”.

It goes on to say they aim to offer contacts and counselling to refugees and migrants: “At the outer borders of Europe, people are refused entry, they are imprisoned and deported.

“Nevertheless people are coming. is supporting you who come to Europe in your struggle for a better life”.

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Boots of the Ground in Germany: Thinking Outside the Box Congress

Today and tomorrow I am attending a conference “Out of the Box Thinking” with the main emphasis on the present situation and solutions. This is near Giessen, the refugee camp I will be talking about later.

max_image_view-85937570e60e4cf88e3eee63bbeb378a max_image_view-4137514962584152929fbe53b32ddfb6

More than 1,000 people are present. Imagine 1,000 people like us or the UU room all together in person !!! It is clear: the government has to go, Germany has to end its status as US military base and get …out of Nato, the EU and the Euro. It is also clear that the “refugee crisis” is actually an act of war. Again imagine middle easterners, very many healthy young militarily trained men (80% of the so called refugees), not knowing the language or culture, stuffed together in former or still occupied US barracks and tents. In the little village I am staying in there is one huge tent filled with 200 beds. In the next larger town there are 10,000. These camps (actually called “warehouses”) are strategically placed with German precision all over the country proportionate to the German population. There are no background checks at the border and most people seem to have Iphones. Let us say that there is a nefarious intention behind this situation. Let us say the intention is to bring Germany to its knees. One of two things can happen: Either key trained men amongst the refugees can be activated at a certain time to start a war. Or one can simply cut off supplies to these people (many of whom are also victims of war) and by the nature of the created situation the people will go in search of food – to farms, houses and stores. Or it could be a lethal combination of a few “sleepers” and a group of men easy to lead. Using forced migration as a method of war has been described in the book “Weapons of Mass Migration” referring to 64 historical cases in which this was the case.

When I went to the conference this morning the hall was surrounded by police to protect us !! The windows had been smashed in two nights ago in demonstration of our Congress. Somebody had decided that we were right wing fanatics. Several of the main speakers had personal body guards because they had already been attacked, like Max Igan on October 23 simply because he talked about the Palestinian situation. Apparently there was even a demonstration against us in front of our building during the congress.

We are German UUs coming together to expose the truth. Whoever it is doesnt like this at all. Conferences like this are springing up all over Germany right now, big groups in big conference halls. It is like at the airport to get in, everyone is checked for weapons – in case – to protect us from violent demonstrators. There is a call out for peaceful mass civil unrest. Some are pushing for a tax boycott (strike). A big demonstration is being called for in Berlin again. The Germans and other Europeans are waking up and ready to ACT !!! But they know it must be carefully planned, peaceful and effective.

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Boots on the ground in Germany: Refugee Report

Crowded Conditions for the Refugees at the former US Military Base in Giessen


Boots on the ground in Germany: Refugee Report; For the past week I have been in the old Bavarian city of Augsburg. There was so little evidence of anything unusual, not even the taxi drivers had noticed any refugees, that I began to doubt the propaganda I had been hearing. So I decided to cross Germany and go to the heart (Frankfurt) to see what I could see. The first sign of anything amiss was an announcement in the train outside of Frankfurt “would all police officers on the train please come to (train) car number 9” Before I had time to ask any questions it was time to get out at my end station, Giessen, a town half an hour outside of Frankfurt. This town also happens to have an abandoned US military base. As I stepped down onto the platform I could feel the atmosphere. Young men, definitely mid eastern looking were milling around, loud, jostling with each other and laughing, one playing a radio. I went to a sandwich stand and asked the lady behind the counter if there was any sign of refugees in the town (duh – dumb question – but I wanted to hear her reaction). She threw her hands in the air and rolled her eyes. “And how ! They don’t speak our language and don’t want to and sleep on the steps to the station. I am told this town is the Central Warehouse for them” I crossed the square with more loud young men and climbed onto my bus with a large mid eastern family, the mother looking uncomfortably at me. I noticed graffiti and garbage in places (most unusual for Germany) and in one window a handwritten sign basically saying, “foreigners, get out!” When I got to my destination, an even smaller town where I would spend the next two days I asked my host about my observations. “Yes, Giessen is indeed a Central Warehouse for refugees. They are shipped in to these places, each German State has one. Munich has a big one too. They live in the former US barracks and now in tents too. Even our little town has 200 people all in one tent with partitions between beds. It has heat, running water and toilets…but nevertheless…for at least 6 months this winter. You can go visit it. It is interesting, let me tell you.” This is a photo (not mine) of Giessen.

In the local paper stood “”Violence increasing at the Central Refugee Warehouse in Giessen: theft, attacks, rape – 9,760 people all crammed in together” – so it IS true!


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Boots on the Ground in Germany: Signs of US Propaganda

Signs of US propaganda in Germany (personal observations).


On the train I picked up the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” a well read and trusted daily German newspaper.  On the front page Merkel like a Queen was surrounded by admiring businessmen. The pages were filled with all the propaganda lies we have gotten to know in America:  “Russia endangering the deep sea cables, Kerry in Vienna trying so hard to find solutions, peace in Donetzk now that Putin is busy in Syria, Russians bombing Syrian hospitals”  bla bla etc. In the middle of the paper was a thin version of the New York Times in English slipped in between the pages as an advertisement. The US knows how many Germans read English. The New York Times simply repeated all these lies once again in English. Concerning Donetzk, according to friends there, the Ukrainians have not for a moment stopped bombing their own people. There is no sign of peace at all – just media silence. The American form of Propaganda is to buy the media by bribe or threat and repeat the lies again and again and again until the people believe it. But as Abraham Lincoln said (thank goodness) “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”

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Boots on the ground in Germany: The Decision

This is the story of my trip to Germany on October 15, 2015 to find out what is happening in this country and its significance on the world stage.LN-DYC-Norwegian-Air-Shuttle-Boeing-737-800_PlanespottersNet_181196

For the last ten years I have been living in New York State and observing the American War Machine plowing through the Middle East wreaking havoc and destruction, deposing rulers and destabilizing countries to some insane end. And it was doing this together with the NATO countries, in particular using Germany and the military bases it installed all over the country after WW2 from which to launch its attacks. What woke me up to a new level of awareness was America’s reaction to the perfectly normal and legally voted in reunification of Russia with the Crimea. I observed the American organized coup in the Ukraine and the installation of a completely Nazi regime that was pro American and decidedly anti Russian. I saw the defamation of Russia, the levying of sanctions and varied attempts to draw Russia into a war, if possible waged in Europe with the NATO countries. I watched the actions of Putin and could only grow to admire his ability to keep calm, clear and unprovoked. However when America starting attacking Syria, intent on deposing one more leader, using the CIA created El Qaida and Isis to nefarious ends, Putin finally put his foot down and said “NO”. In the meantime the wars and other forms of destruction in Africa were creating a wave of refugees seeking both political and economic shelter. This wave began pouring over Europe in ever growing masses and the people began to stand up and say, “something is VERY wrong here”

It was at this point that I had a feeling that something big was about to happen in Europe, particularly in Germany. But this whole situation was being covered up and hidden from all the people, particularly Americans and Europeans, by a fantastically clever and evil, ruthlessly lying media

I decided that I needed to come over to Germany  and see for myself what was really going on and contribute in whatever way I could, even if only to report the truth back home to my friends.

So in mid October I closed down my home and set out over the great ocean to Bavaria.

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