Boots on the Ground in Germany: Signs of US Propaganda

Signs of US propaganda in Germany (personal observations).


On the train I picked up the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” a well read and trusted daily German newspaper.  On the front page Merkel like a Queen was surrounded by admiring businessmen. The pages were filled with all the propaganda lies we have gotten to know in America:  “Russia endangering the deep sea cables, Kerry in Vienna trying so hard to find solutions, peace in Donetzk now that Putin is busy in Syria, Russians bombing Syrian hospitals”  bla bla etc. In the middle of the paper was a thin version of the New York Times in English slipped in between the pages as an advertisement. The US knows how many Germans read English. The New York Times simply repeated all these lies once again in English. Concerning Donetzk, according to friends there, the Ukrainians have not for a moment stopped bombing their own people. There is no sign of peace at all – just media silence. The American form of Propaganda is to buy the media by bribe or threat and repeat the lies again and again and again until the people believe it. But as Abraham Lincoln said (thank goodness) “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”

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