Boots of the Ground in Germany: Thinking Outside the Box Congress

Today and tomorrow I am attending a conference “Out of the Box Thinking” with the main emphasis on the present situation and solutions. This is near Giessen, the refugee camp I will be talking about later.

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More than 1,000 people are present. Imagine 1,000 people like us or the UU room all together in person !!! It is clear: the government has to go, Germany has to end its status as US military base and get …out of Nato, the EU and the Euro. It is also clear that the “refugee crisis” is actually an act of war. Again imagine middle easterners, very many healthy young militarily trained men (80% of the so called refugees), not knowing the language or culture, stuffed together in former or still occupied US barracks and tents. In the little village I am staying in there is one huge tent filled with 200 beds. In the next larger town there are 10,000. These camps (actually called “warehouses”) are strategically placed with German precision all over the country proportionate to the German population. There are no background checks at the border and most people seem to have Iphones. Let us say that there is a nefarious intention behind this situation. Let us say the intention is to bring Germany to its knees. One of two things can happen: Either key trained men amongst the refugees can be activated at a certain time to start a war. Or one can simply cut off supplies to these people (many of whom are also victims of war) and by the nature of the created situation the people will go in search of food – to farms, houses and stores. Or it could be a lethal combination of a few “sleepers” and a group of men easy to lead. Using forced migration as a method of war has been described in the book “Weapons of Mass Migration” referring to 64 historical cases in which this was the case.

When I went to the conference this morning the hall was surrounded by police to protect us !! The windows had been smashed in two nights ago in demonstration of our Congress. Somebody had decided that we were right wing fanatics. Several of the main speakers had personal body guards because they had already been attacked, like Max Igan on October 23 simply because he talked about the Palestinian situation. Apparently there was even a demonstration against us in front of our building during the congress.

We are German UUs coming together to expose the truth. Whoever it is doesnt like this at all. Conferences like this are springing up all over Germany right now, big groups in big conference halls. It is like at the airport to get in, everyone is checked for weapons – in case – to protect us from violent demonstrators. There is a call out for peaceful mass civil unrest. Some are pushing for a tax boycott (strike). A big demonstration is being called for in Berlin again. The Germans and other Europeans are waking up and ready to ACT !!! But they know it must be carefully planned, peaceful and effective.

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