Boots on the ground in Germany: The Decision

This is the story of my trip to Germany on October 15, 2015 to find out what is happening in this country and its significance on the world stage.LN-DYC-Norwegian-Air-Shuttle-Boeing-737-800_PlanespottersNet_181196

For the last ten years I have been living in New York State and observing the American War Machine plowing through the Middle East wreaking havoc and destruction, deposing rulers and destabilizing countries to some insane end. And it was doing this together with the NATO countries, in particular using Germany and the military bases it installed all over the country after WW2 from which to launch its attacks. What woke me up to a new level of awareness was America’s reaction to the perfectly normal and legally voted in reunification of Russia with the Crimea. I observed the American organized coup in the Ukraine and the installation of a completely Nazi regime that was pro American and decidedly anti Russian. I saw the defamation of Russia, the levying of sanctions and varied attempts to draw Russia into a war, if possible waged in Europe with the NATO countries. I watched the actions of Putin and could only grow to admire his ability to keep calm, clear and unprovoked. However when America starting attacking Syria, intent on deposing one more leader, using the CIA created El Qaida and Isis to nefarious ends, Putin finally put his foot down and said “NO”. In the meantime the wars and other forms of destruction in Africa were creating a wave of refugees seeking both political and economic shelter. This wave began pouring over Europe in ever growing masses and the people began to stand up and say, “something is VERY wrong here”

It was at this point that I had a feeling that something big was about to happen in Europe, particularly in Germany. But this whole situation was being covered up and hidden from all the people, particularly Americans and Europeans, by a fantastically clever and evil, ruthlessly lying media

I decided that I needed to come over to Germany  and see for myself what was really going on and contribute in whatever way I could, even if only to report the truth back home to my friends.

So in mid October I closed down my home and set out over the great ocean to Bavaria.

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